Wednesday, January 27, 2010

going to Memphis

To celebrate this little lady's shower/engagement party!! I love this picture, if you look hard enough you can tell we're mortified about something, probably mom's big-googly-eyed photography skills.

Monday, January 25, 2010

....get ready.....set....

I'm almost there... Just 5 weeks of bariatric and rectal surgery rotation (lots of talk of poo) and a solid 4 weeks of studying for the final step of my boards.... I took Day #1 of Step 3 today and will take the second half tomorrow, oh so painful! I promise to return in full force! I have the musings of Courtney Jennings, a new blogger, and a good new friend here in Birmingham, to inspire!! I have copied her picture for yall to see what I've been up to when not in my snuggie on the couch studying!

Left to right: Courtney, Emily, Myself, Claire, and Lindsey at Chez LuLu in English Village!