Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Halavasicks!

Everyone loves a Bavarian Christmas....
Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the first snow!

Nothing makes me happier than snow, even when it is just wimpy little flurries!
Piper is juiced (so is Jimmy) and ready for it to stick

Allright Birmingham - time for everything to shut down so we can all hole up in our homes!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little recap....

... of quite an interesting Thanksgiving this year.

Apparently I am still the apple of Jimmy's eye, as he continues to try to impress Fred with demonstrations of his manliness around the hunting camp.

Considering I was out in the woods gathering some red meat for the family (see below), Jimmy attempted to help Fred move around a tree stand.

Yes, above is my 270.  And yes, the little white dot below is my 100 lb doe, aka dinner for us for about 4 months (and the sad little deer who wouldn't leave the field, in denial of the harsh reality of Alabama redneck winters)

While I brought home the proverbial bacon, he fractured his wrist while going over a bump on the trailer being pulled behind the four-wheeler.  :(

Friday after Thanksgiving... off to surgery at Highlands, where he currently also functions as a legitimate doctor... (thanks to Dr. Chaudhari, Jennings, and McKeown... who missed the first half of the Iron Bowl to fix the star PGY2)

(these pictures were taken despite the fact that he had a bruised ego because of his old-lady-fracture)

He tried to refuse to take off his underwear, but those OR nurses had quite a few objections and probably really enjoyed the spectacle.  Especially when he went off to go to the bathroom beforehand (afraid they would insist on a Foley), and mooned my attending and a nurse.  Those gowns are unforgiving!

He looks quite festive now in his Christmas cast....