Monday, September 29, 2008

Weddings Weddings!!

Long time in sorry for all my loyal followers (hahaha)

Just a little preview of my past weekends of frivolity! I went with the med school crew to Bald Head Island, off the coast of North Carolina, to party with Kanhka and Olivia! En Route - with Adam and Kelly, and me, their precious short little girl, on the ferry ride over! Needless to say, with an arrival time of 2:30, we made our way around the island on the golf cart and through our first bottle of wine way before cocktail hour began.... In contrast to the biting flies on the beach, we welcomed our roomies as they straggled in one by one.

Us on the golf cart leaving the wedding ceremony

Big time at Laura's wedding the next weekend!! A little foreshadowing, scary!!!
Cart Rixey - aka Serena VanDerWootsen!!!

Yay to Kathryn's BF Chris and his awesomeness at putting up with all of us!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Roll Tide!

We just got back from the Beautiful Boligee - in wonderful Orange County Alabama!! T-town was hoppin on Saturday night as we rooted for the lovely elephants. We were joined by Jimmy, Jeff, and Troupe, the tenacious trio...

Here is Jimmy, the newly-found redneck with his newly-bought hat up at the truckstop by the hi-way!!

On our way to the game!!

At the game!
You can see what happened to my desire to be roll-tide sexy at the game!! thankfully, the rainbows were thrown into the bag too...

The Million Dollar Band!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner Party Time!

I enjoyed a fantabulous dinner last night at my friend Virginia's house! She has an adorable house in East Hill, decorated with collector pieces primarily from South Africa, where she lived for a year. She and her boyfriend, Chris, awed us with fresh, homemade sushi, with avocado, soft shell crab, cucumber, eel sauce...yumm!!

Virginia is an old tennis buddy of mine, back from Cat-High days, and she also went to Camp Merrie-Woode, my favorite place in North Carolina! I'm going to find an old picture of us - playing tennis, very shortly!!

Emily, shown above, has been a friend since high school, and she got married last Christmas! We've had summers playing tennis, Fiesta, and trips to each others' schools!

UNC - Christmas 2003, in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bachelorette Partay

So I've been missing for a while, but all for a good cause. Crazy weekend in Charleston South Carolina - actually we were in Isle of Palms at a ridiculous four story house with a pool right off of the coast. Laura Anderson was celebrating her bachelorette-hood. She is in the green. We spent Friday night at the house and at Windjammers, Saturday night out on the town in Charleston, and Sunday night with a pirate party and fried seafood!! Oh yeah - these were some of our booty prizes!

One of the main themes of Laura's joyfullness was dance, and in fact, dances from So You Think You Can Dance were the inspiration. Sadly, you might have to turn your head sideways about halfway through. Pay attention to those standing around the hotties in the middle, they are just as entertaining!!

After you view this, just take a look at what a good rendition it is!
This is Joshua & Katee's original version of No Air, from SYTYCD!! Move the curser to 2 minutes to start the dancing part... Still brings me to tears...

You know what, I wasn't going to do this too, but this is Mark & Chelsie's hip hop, Bleeding Love, also another theme of the weekend (but without a nice corresponding video by Laura, at least not one I can post!). This one forward to three minutes to get to the dancing

I hope this becomes Laura's new facebook picture. Ha