Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to Play DressUP!!

A little throwback to the days of glory, namely college theme parties. Sadly I don't get as many of these nowadays, only the peeps in DC and at Wharton seem to be keeping them up!

Senior year - at our sweeeet house on Kenan Street! Mary is a salsa dancer, Alana is anna kournakova, I don't know what Kathryn is, Angela, of course is Monica Lewinsky, I'm Fred Cook, MC is harlem globetrotter, and cart.... is cart.

Junior year! Mary is a bloody mary and i'm a white russian, and Alana (not pictured), was a Kamakazi shot! and Kathryn is Cruella deVille, MC is the deer she shot earlier that year... And then there's Dot...

I'm going as a Spanky's waitress...

This one is SOOOOO awful of me! White Trash Mixer, which promptly got us put on Social
Probation with panel, and as the social director that semester, gave me a huge headache!

Ahhh, Freshman year. MC and Cart are TMNT, or teenage mutant ninja turtles *how ridiculous an idea*** and me and MK are 10-yard markers for football 1st downs! tied together by rope, we were glad to be attached as creepy frat stars tried to take advantage!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


OK so I may be a little behind the times, seeing as the horrible Shamu-eats-trainer thing happened about 4 weeks ago, but I just thought all of you would like to see how close to death I came as a little 4 year old. This is me in the SanDiego SeaWorld (where we had season passes back when we lived there), kissing Shamu. To my left is Michael Meador, for those who know him from Pensacola. Phew~~ we both made it out alive!

Upon wiki-ing Shamu I was sad to discover that my claims to have kissed the "real" Shamu have been false all these years! the original Shamu died in 1971.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A future MRS Simmons!

Congratulations to One of my Dearest and Oldest Friends! Amelie Yonge! I am so excited for you and obviously, for my ''ex-husband'' (long story, relating to Catholic High senior year flour-babies), Kent Simmons!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ugly critteurs

a little too much time on my hands and what do I get into but a blog about ugly critteurs! The World's Ugliest Animals is worth a moment of your time, and I was most impressed by the Aye-Aye! Now, I see very little similarity between it and what the name connotes to me, namely the pirate!

Just a little nother cutie pie...