Sunday, October 16, 2011

MIA... and not the band

So I've been a little less than journalistically-inspired lately.  And my lackluster efforts have not gone unnoticed, ergo here I am.  How about some photocoupage for the eyes?  I know that that is not a word, but it felt so good rolling off the keyboard that I will keep it, red squiggly line and all.

Here's what I've missed...

UNC Girls weekend 2011 in Wrightsville Beach

Homage to our childhoods
you know what these are...

Homage to college
you'd recognize that diamond shaped SOLO confirmation in the background anywhere

Cindy Lou celebrating starting med school and some Beirut with Piper & Scott

Hopefully the next cover of Orvis Dog Book - aka Moose, Bill's pup

Back-to-back weekend celebrations of Jimmy's 30th year of tom-revelry

Jimmy & Jimmy celebrating becoming grownups
Jennifer and I are only enablers

just a few of the old crew

Boligee Dance-Off Pants-Off 2011
and by 'Pants-Off' I'm more referring to pants-ripping that occurs 2 songs from this 

ps thanks for the jumpstart, Lisa and Bernie