Sunday, June 14, 2009

We are here!

We are here and have been for almost two weeks - somehow thought my internet is STILL messing up! So - I have to blog without any pictures since I am on Jimmy's computer! More will come after I muster the energy to call AT&T again. I've spent probably 8 hours trying to deal with this stuff already!

But we love our new house and so does Piper! And our new neighborhood in Homewood! We met our future friends, Jimmy's other ortho interns and their wives/girlfriends, out on Friday night, then made it in time for Wheeler and Laura's wedding in Opelika for Saturday. And worked in a little visit to see Riley-man on our way through Montgomery.

1 comment:

  1. Annie Boo! So love your new house and sooooo glad you and Jimmy are now in BAMA country! Kee and I had great fun a couple of weeks ago, helping you and Jimmy set up house. Y'all were wonderful to let us come and play with you :)
    I'm strolling down the right side of your blog and looking at this adorable pic of you and Cover at the beach. Would you please, please, PLEASE send me a copy?? If you will go to some old post on our blog, you will see why I need and want this picture.
    Your Aunt Siste Dear Anne