Thursday, July 23, 2009


July 11 ... spotted.... a little turtle chillin in our front yard!

As you can see, PD was the first one to notice. We kept her away though! Jimmy and I were making fun of how slow turtles really are when we noticed it barely moved from that spot for about 45 minutes despite a heavily panting dog creeping over its back!

Apparently, according to some turtle blogs I've been reading, if the hole the turtle has been hovering around is now covered with dirt, that indicates that actual EGGS have been laid in the hole!! Little baby turtles! I felt a bit voyeuristic when I realized that we'd been spying on a laboring mom! But it made perfect sense, she definitely was doing something funny in that hole and made sure to cover it up with her little back flippers.

So we've got anywhere from 45-90 days of incubation. I don't know what kind of turtle this is, despite comparing patterns of shells online.

We've been challenged to make sure these little turts hatch. I'll be watching...

(Not our eggs above) - I'm too afraid to do anything to them but I hope this crazy Alabama heat doesn't spoil the eggs! We might put some chicken-wire over their home though...

I might want to keep one! I wonder how Piper would handle the competition for my affection?

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  1. Awe, I love turtles!!! I am sure Pipes would learn to share the affection! :)