Thursday, September 10, 2009

Better late than Never! - Graduation!

Jimmy and myself outside of the Dean Dome

Kelly, Sasha, Me

Elizabeth, Kim, Kelly, Me, Sasha

At the Carolina Inn for dinner

Friday's on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn
Kelly, Sinisia, Me, Jimmy, Nancy, Adam, Leah, Nate

Me, Sinisia, Elizabeth, Charles, Jimmy, Liz, Sash, Kelly, Adam, Gwendolyn

Elizabeth, Charles, Jimmy, Sasha

Super Seniors!!
Renee, Tinella, Courtney, Adam, Rebecca, Jake, Sinisia, Elizabeth, Me, Sash, Kim, Gwendolyn, Liz, Rupal, Elizabeth, Hallam, Lily, (front), Chamaine, Nick, Kyle, Leah, Kelly, Quinn, Nate, Nancy, and Carrie

John Holder, Jimmy, Me, Elizabeth - the H's!!!

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  1. Sasha JenkinsSeptember 18, 2009

    HOW MUCH FUN! I miss you guys! I hope alabama is treating yall well! I will be sooo excited when I move to atlanta to be closer to yall! I hope Cover is having fun wedding planning! please tell your folks I said hello!