Friday, April 8, 2011


Dad is one year closer to Social Security and AARP Memberships!!!!  woop woo!  Happy Birthday!!

a 40-year Birthday Blast from the Past!!!  Who can forget the joint venture with Matt Yonge and all of Pensacola ready to get "Fried with Matt and Fred"???!!

Seen this year with his ever lovely bride, Kee.

Most recent Gobbler to succumb to his prowess..

Matt Yonge and an always perky Rick, aka his Better Half, living the life in Vegas...

Not one to be messed with.  This was put on his belt intentionally as a threat to potential invaders of the camphouse...

and a blast from the past with his girls!!!!!  We love you!!

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  1. I remember those days!! Enjoyed the walk down memory lane.