Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quatro or Quatrina (Quatretta, Quatraniqua...) ???

Yes - in just a week Jimmy and I will get a halfway-point tidbit via ultrasound...!

Since apparently everyone who has ever had a baby before seems to think I should have some "maternal instinct" about the sex of the baby, about 2 weeks ago I decided that I thought it was a girl.  Let's clarify, though, that this is more based on the fact that EVERYONE else - including some of the nurses at work whom I just met 3 weeks ago - thinks it is a little bundle of boy.

Copied from another great blog, I am going to go through my tallied up wives-tales to prove that my maternal instincts are probably wrong:

Chinese Gender Calendar: Quatrina
Heartbeat 130-140 bpm: Quatro
Morning Sickness - none: Quatro
Mayan Calendar: Quatrina
Swinging Ring Test: too lazy to do
Paternal Instinct: per Jimmy, "I think it's 50/50" (thanks a lot for helping)
Breast Growth: Quatro (thank you!)
Cravings - sweet: Quatrina
Bump position - low and centered (or is that just my super-long torso-to-leg ratio?): Quatro
Skin - breakouts: Quatrina
Sympathy weight from husband - none (though he claims to be trying to grow cupcake-teats to help me out in the nursing department... Sorry if you don't know Jimmy's humor): Quatro
Facial weight gain (thankfully not yet): Quatro

Wait and see!  It's time for me to start my non-gender neutral shopping already!

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