Saturday, April 14, 2012

new lows

I meant to post this more at the time... but new lows were reached over the last five weeks.  During another stent in the ICU's, which tends to bring me to my knees and makes me forget about my poor little blog.

I even opened up my packed midnight snack one day while at work to find this.  Not only is this a really gross, too-ripe banana, but yes, there is a critter attached.  And a doghair.  At least I kept some dignity by throwing it away instead of eating it anyway.  But, it did require the acknowledgement of the hair, and not just the insect, that forced my hand.

And... - there also was another incident with a toothbrush hitting the floor behind the toilet.  Remember last year here????  Yes... and I spent about 2 weeks sharing a toothbrush with Jimmy because I kept forgetting to ask him to get me a new one.

phew..  i'm done now though.  welcome back me.

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