Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boligee carnage

I don't think that I have properly celebrated my big kill for the year - yes, this is a wild pig - a female, so I don't think I can officially call it a 'boar', but it sure smelled like one! They are running rampant through Boligee and we must take care before all the crops get destroyed and the deer run away to the hills!

I hope you don't think it inhumane! We give away all the pig meat to this man who likes to eat them...a little too gnarly and greasy for our taste! Below is an oldie of my buck from about four years ago.

And as you can see, others celebrating the art of the hunt this year include my dad and Uncle Doc (priceless poses!), as well as Amelie and Kent!

the closest these canines get to actual

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