Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Famous Furry Ladies!

I now know the ultimate satisfaction - that of a parent whose dog has achieved the unachievable.... fame and stardom! Piper, Maddie, and Milly are the new COVERDOGS for Orvis! They will be on the cover in September of this year!!

Picture by Sasha taken at Paul and Laura's family beach house in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina when we went last March.

Little Pipes does not even know why we are popping the bubbly tonight and repeatedly dancing with her...

Dear Ms. Sasha Jenkins,

Congratulations! Your photograph of Milly, Maddie, and Piper was chosen from over 12,000 entries, as a WINNER of the 2010 Orvis Cover Dog photo contest. The photo captures a great moment and emotionally connects the viewer with the personalities of Milly, Maddie, and Piper.

With so many outstanding entries and only four mailings scheduled for the Orvis Fall 2010 Dog Book catalog (each mailing gets a different cover) we decided to expand our winners to include not only the four (4) front cover winners, but also eight (8) additional photos to be featured prominently inside the catalog. On two of our mailings, we are creating a special fold-out front cover that will each include two additional full-page winning images. There are also 4 winning images that will be featured as full pages inside the body of the catalog. Therefore, all of these images have been declared “winners” in the competition and will each be awarded a grand prize $500 gift card.

This e-mail hereby notifies you that you have won the grand prize including a $500 Orvis Gift card and publication of the winning photograph as described as follows, provided we have your compliance according to the contest rules.

Your winning photo will appear on the front cover of the Fall 2010 Orvis Dog Book catalog which will be arriving in mailboxes on or about September 10, 2010.

As soon as we have confirmation from each of our contest winners, we will announce all winners on our website at

Thank you for entering and congratulations for winning our photo contest!

Best Regards,

Bill Eyre
Director of Advertising
The Orvis Company, Inc.

Go sign up for your free catalog now!!! Don't miss out!

the celebratory icecream scoops from Jimmy


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    We are Soooo Excited and Proud of our GrandDog !!!! Congratulations to Maddie and Milly also. Love "Doodle" and "Cookie Man"

  2. Congrats Piper!!!! George and Mini are jealous! :) Cannot wait to get our copy!!!!