Thursday, August 12, 2010

last night of risky business...

Dear friend of mine, Laura, thoughtfully put this thought into my head via email last week:

I was just perusing your blog, and as I watch way too much law and order, I have some extremely legit concerns about the info you post on your blog.  First, you have pictures of your house and a general description of the location.  Then you list the hours you are at home by yourself/nights Jimmy is gone on night float.  Basically, you are setting yourself up to be the story line for law and order season 18.  I don't want to see that happen . . . . some creepy patient could google you, find your blog, stalk down you house.  The next thing you know, he's coming in Piper's doggie door!!

Needless to say - that email prompted me to remove my last name from the blog, as if that helps.  But sadly I can't find myself willing to not make this personal with names, photos, details, etc..!!  So now I sleep with a butcher knife underneath Jimmy's empty pillow (hear that, burglers?!?)

However..... get excited, tonight is my last of the single life of blogging and going to bed around 8:30!  Jimmy is done tomorrow with an enforced 1 week vacay, so maybe soon he will be bringing ME dinner!

Now, unless my "patient stalker" is also an avid follower, I am nearing the carefree life of someone with a protector again, and the casting crew of Law&Order won't have to find an actress that meets my resemblance for the episode....


  1. Yah!! I know you're so glad he's finished with that night float...we need to all celebrate! Let's get together this weekend! Hope all is well! :)

  2. Boo I'm on call Saturday which makes for a very long week.... We'll get together next weekend though if yall are in town!

  3. Confession: I thought the same thing your friend Laura thought, but held my tongue. Instead of a stalking patient, I decided the miscreant would be a John Malkovich-esque subcontractor hired to change lightbulbs in the hospital stairwell. [another Law & Order fan] I'm happy you three have this wonderful R & R ahead of you, it is so deserved!

  4. Yes, I'm afraid Piper is not the guard dog you might need to ward off the potential stalker in L&O season 18. You may need to flip flop your story time lines to remain safe. Have a fun week!
    Lots of Love,
    Aunt Anne

  5. excellent observation Laura! and what a good friend! :)
    ps- i just noticed (bc now im equally concerned about you) that its still under the hubby section on the side where you talk about jimmy!
    cant wait to see you in 3 wks! yay!!!! miss you xoxo