Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. Mom

So.... I went to Savannah last weekend - fabulous time with Amelie and her fun friends for Amelie's bachelorette!  Pictures are in the works...

However, with this trip I left little Pipes with her sweet daddy for three nights.  And, I think most of you remember his love of pampering.  His philosophy is "one sandwich for me, one sandwich for Piper...." etc.  I'm sure they had a big time.

When I got home Sunday, I wasn't really sure what state the house would be in, but of course prepared for the worst.  Jimmy was at work but I chatted with him on the phone.  Uncharacteristically, he said "I've got two things to tell you."  Uh-oh.

#1.  ants, marching up and down our windowsill above the kitchen sink.  zillions of them.  Jimmy had put out "ant killer" but really it had just attracted more.  There were assembly lines with moving parts.  I took care of them, and actually had noticed them way before we talked.

#2.  Jimmy - "Well, the refrigerator light is out.  Both the freezer and fridge lights, actually."
       Me - "there isn't a light in the freezer."
      Jimmy - "Oh.  Well...  I thought there was.   So I actually thought that the whole fridge was broken."
      Me - "no problem, we can replace the light."
      Jimmy - "Well, I thought that it was broken.  I thought I shouldn't waste the food so I tried to eat it all."
      Me - {wow}

He had definitely gone through some food.

Something caught my eye a little later in the day.  Underneath the curtains in the guest room, on the floor.  Upon inspection, I realized it was the upsidedown lid to the BlueBell vanilla.... seems Piper helped Jimmy with his attempts to not be wasteful!  Caught red-handed.  He admitted he had been looking for the lid for quite some time and assumed she had eaten it!


  1. man, i miss jimmy...I need a jimmy fix! I need to plan a trip down to Bama..not to visit you or piper...but jimbo!

  2. Nothing like ice cream comfort food when you miss someone! They are glad you're back. Hugs to both Jimmy and Piper, our cover girl!!

  3. Oh That is Soo Funny ~~ I am leaving Fred next week ~~~ who knows the trouble he and Lilly might get into!!! Can't wait to see ya'll.
    Love you Both