Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bubble boy

As you know, Jimmy is quite accident prone.  Cover has given him 4900 square feet of bubble wrap now for his next birthday to be used prior to any and all future outings.

Case in point... no, this is not the intentional redneck schmearing of the first-kill's blood; this is in fact his own blood.

In an attempt to move away from high-powered rifles and further potential mishaps, Fred decided to entice Jimmy to learn turkey calling so he could turkey hunt (with a shotgun) this spring.

What an awkward face? is what you must be thinking.  This is Jimmy fighting off his gag reflex while attempting to call large gobblers into our living room.


So we encourage him to stick with what he knows.



and Entertaining...

anyone else like that he's wearing the same jacket in all the photos? he tries to wear it to work but i have to draw the line.  alabama has created a monster.

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