Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mmmm gotta love the Spring Bourbon!

Went out the other night to our favorite spot, Dram, a whiskey bar, in Mountain Brook Village.  I was having quite a nice time as the 3rd wheel for the Etiers, that is until Jimmy showed up... ;)

On their menu is a fabulous bourbon drink called a Blackberry Winter... But I have to say it reminds me of Easter and springtime!  Saturday rolled around and I had already purchased the ingredients to make my own... Here it is!

2 oz Bourbon of your choice (I chose Makers... comes with Knob Creek at Dram)
2 oz orange-juiced based juice (I chose a mix of OJ/pineapple/apple, but Dram uses Sour Mix)
a hefty squeeze of lime juice
1 Tbs of coarsely pureed blackberries

Puree 1 container blackberries (save about 4 berries for garnish), coarsely, with chunks.  This keeps if you choose to make the drink several nights in a row.

Pour all above ingredients in a shaker.  Fill shaker 2/3 of way with ice.  Shake.  Delicious served in a double-old-fashioned... but I bet even better served up and neat!


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  1. Can't wait for you to make me one!!! Kee