Monday, June 27, 2011

our mexifest meets a piñata

first weekend we've both had off in a while so to celebrate jimmy proposed a shindig.  a crosscontamination of residencies, per se.  anesthesia + ortho + 1 obgyn + 1 PM&R + 1 ophtho + lots of bebes, hot ladies, and pooches.

i thought i'd make our scrumptious braised pork tacos, tinto verano, and bushwackers to enjoy.  this involved a serious defog of the backyard skeeters as well as a serious hoovering of pipe's furriness that i've grown wayy too accustomed to.

oh - and my camera sadly didn't make it out until i'd enjoyed one tinto verano, one margarita, and at least one bushwacker... so i missed the bulk of the normal part and partigoers of the party

i copied modeled dinner after Ed Grady's shindig just the week before where he perfected fish tacos.. mmmm.. wait! i think i forgot to put the fish on this taco before it was featured on my camera roll... well you can imagine

tom sawyer (yes... real name), and a skeptical brian thompson last week at ed's

below, a compilation of ed's finest to include my new favorite avocado vinaigrette

what's a fiesta without a moustache? or two...three? or a browstache?

everyone knows this cat

lauren etier and myself

mama deeter, big deeter, baby deeter (emily, jason, and elliot determann)

buzz and ladybuzz (paul and mary buzzhardt)

you can tell we are getting to this scary stage of adulthood when the number of babies and children start to outnumber the number of us mature adults...

baby boy on right is john grady maddox, claire and grady's son

after the kids went home to slumber we really dug into the adult treats of the bushwackers and an adult-themed piñata thanks to lala and brian etier, always available to provide adequate role models for us amateurs.

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  1. looks like a fun time, but... Jimmy with a stick and a pinata- not a good mix! :)