Monday, September 29, 2008

Weddings Weddings!!

Long time in sorry for all my loyal followers (hahaha)

Just a little preview of my past weekends of frivolity! I went with the med school crew to Bald Head Island, off the coast of North Carolina, to party with Kanhka and Olivia! En Route - with Adam and Kelly, and me, their precious short little girl, on the ferry ride over! Needless to say, with an arrival time of 2:30, we made our way around the island on the golf cart and through our first bottle of wine way before cocktail hour began.... In contrast to the biting flies on the beach, we welcomed our roomies as they straggled in one by one.

Us on the golf cart leaving the wedding ceremony

Big time at Laura's wedding the next weekend!! A little foreshadowing, scary!!!
Cart Rixey - aka Serena VanDerWootsen!!!

Yay to Kathryn's BF Chris and his awesomeness at putting up with all of us!!

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  1. OK Anne, It's time to blog again. I have been checking for the past couple of days and nothing new has come up.

    Love you!!! The count down is on!!!!!!