Friday, September 12, 2008

Dinner Party Time!

I enjoyed a fantabulous dinner last night at my friend Virginia's house! She has an adorable house in East Hill, decorated with collector pieces primarily from South Africa, where she lived for a year. She and her boyfriend, Chris, awed us with fresh, homemade sushi, with avocado, soft shell crab, cucumber, eel sauce...yumm!!

Virginia is an old tennis buddy of mine, back from Cat-High days, and she also went to Camp Merrie-Woode, my favorite place in North Carolina! I'm going to find an old picture of us - playing tennis, very shortly!!

Emily, shown above, has been a friend since high school, and she got married last Christmas! We've had summers playing tennis, Fiesta, and trips to each others' schools!

UNC - Christmas 2003, in Chapel Hill

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  1. whoa, that christmas pic is unreal. we look like we're 15, ha!