Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bachelorette Partay

So I've been missing for a while, but all for a good cause. Crazy weekend in Charleston South Carolina - actually we were in Isle of Palms at a ridiculous four story house with a pool right off of the coast. Laura Anderson was celebrating her bachelorette-hood. She is in the green. We spent Friday night at the house and at Windjammers, Saturday night out on the town in Charleston, and Sunday night with a pirate party and fried seafood!! Oh yeah - these were some of our booty prizes!

One of the main themes of Laura's joyfullness was dance, and in fact, dances from So You Think You Can Dance were the inspiration. Sadly, you might have to turn your head sideways about halfway through. Pay attention to those standing around the hotties in the middle, they are just as entertaining!!

After you view this, just take a look at what a good rendition it is!
This is Joshua & Katee's original version of No Air, from SYTYCD!! Move the curser to 2 minutes to start the dancing part... Still brings me to tears...

You know what, I wasn't going to do this too, but this is Mark & Chelsie's hip hop, Bleeding Love, also another theme of the weekend (but without a nice corresponding video by Laura, at least not one I can post!). This one forward to three minutes to get to the dancing

I hope this becomes Laura's new facebook picture. Ha

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