Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Again!

I'm BACK!!!! For all those loyal followers....I've taken quite a hiatus, if you've noticed.

In the past 6 months there have been many many changes. Of most important is the name swap - who else gets to drop a Bouchelle in lieu of a Hlavacek??? And I will give everyone personal lessons on how to pronounce the new last name in due time!

In addition to getting married, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to over 29 different residency programs to interview in the period of 3 months! We're talking Chicago (twice), Boston (twice), San Antonio, Birmingham (twice), Miami, Hershey Pennsylvania (my personal favorite, but, alas), DC (twice), Atlanta, Gainesville, the great Triangle (twice, but I live here) (for those of you from the 'deep south,' that refers to my home-away-from-home, Chapel Hill Raleigh Durham!), Winston Salem, Houston, Nashville, Jackson Mississippi, Richmond, Ann Arbor (brrrrr), and probably a few other important ones! Nice to be done with that - and the result, ironically - is that we are going to UAB!! haha where Jimmy did an away acting internship and if we had to narrow it down, one of the few places we would have picked had we not been crazy-paranoid about matching!!

There has also been a nice trip to Chile!!!! I'll post a bit more about that later. (Just a little preview!)

And a beautifully-rainy trip to the beach with lots of doggies - the Outer Banks in North Carolina - where we saw lots of dolphins that we repeatedly thought were sharks!

Photo courtesy of: Sasha Jenkins, MD, MPH, Photoameuterisia!

But - now, the dreaded selling of a house concomitantly with buying another!! "mortgage" = what/??@! I have no idea....I HAD no idea, that is, until we bought our "Personal Finance For Dummies."

Oh yes, very helpful. But actually I still don't really know what we are getting into. Can't really make myself break into it. VERY DRY..... How about just a little light reading with "Twilight" instead? We are headed down this weekend to do a whirlwind day of house hunting with our realtor....


  1. so glad you are BACK!!! missed you!! see you in NYC very soon my lady ;)

  2. yahoo! she's back! i've been waiting!

  3. I too am so glad you are back. Good luck in Bham this weekend. Too bad Holland and Reed couldn't have just sold there house to you. Take pictures and post the full scoop on your whirlwind weekend. I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED that you and Jimmy will be so close!