Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hlavacek pronunciation: ˈläv-ä-ˌchek

Origin: Polish (Jimmy claims it is Czech)

Derived from the Polish root word "glowa" - which means "head" (hmmmmmm....)

Spelling variations include: Hlavac, Hlovaski, Hlobeczy, Glowacki, Glowaczy, Hlobecki, Hloweczy (yikes I might have actually landed the best version!)

First found in Polesie, the largest province of Poland. It is inhabited by Ruthenians, called Polesians, of Ukrainian descent. The surname became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region. In their later history the name became a power unto themselves and were elevated to the ranks of nobility as they grew into this most influential family.

Some of the first settlers of this family name were Ignacy Glowacki - NYC 1831, Katharina Hlavac who sailed to New Orleans 1872; and ANNA Hlavac who came to NYC in 1880!!!!!!

Not to be outdone by other famous Czech inventors, the Hlaváček family also is known for their fabulous line of accordians!

Apparently there are others who are so influenced by the name that they have been following the Hlavacek name in history- publishing for the masses. all you who said "you must really love him......" when you heard of my name change; how little did you know.

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  1. Thank you for all of the info. And thank you for returning to the world of blogging. I love it when you post.