Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little bit of NY is good for Everyone!

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of visiting two of my dear friends, Lindsay and Kathryn, in NY!! This trip was part of my spurn of Boston when Jimmy and I decided we'd rather live in Alabama or continue our marathon run in North Carolina - and I subsequently had a wasted flight that I transferred up to the big apple!

I stayed with both Lindsay and bf Rob and with Kathryn. Lindsay, in the upper east side, is in an adorable small studio apartment (also the name of her blog, hopefully I can convince her to make it public soon enough), and Kathryn is in a similar space somewhere in lower west/greenwich - we had a great extended weekend shuttling back and forth between the two!

Friday I spent shopping, while my lady-friends worked wayyyyyy too hard, and then ate and vegged in the Chanel showroom --- you know, a typical day on the town with my fancy amigas. Here is little Gassy as she showed Karl what's up. She's so stylish.

Also got to spend some time on Saturday with Nick Olsen, of the blog - and my alma mater EDS (Episcopal Day School!), with Lindz and Kathryn doing some flea markets all over the city (and gelato!).

Uhhh, a shot of Kathryn really peeved when our cabby at 4:30 am decided that we didn't know where we were going, and kicked us out of his cab in the middle of the street in his shrill eastern-euro-accent!

Here are pics of the men of the town, Chris and Rob, both who were so generous with me sharing their ladies! I hope to go back soon again to visit!

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  1. Fun times in the city! Rob looks a bit 'tired' in his picture from our late night at 'Cherry Tavern'....but I love Gassy and Karl. Did you ever find Gassy?? Come up again soon!! xo