Tuesday, April 14, 2009

too much time

ok - so for those of you who haven't noticed....i've added a new blog. Yes, I know that one blog typically is sufficient, but this blog (see to the right, Windsor Portfolio), is more for me... and for my rambling ideas about our new house! I am going to use it like someone would use a typical portfolio, to keep ideas, pictures, inspiration, all for the new house.

Don't worry, any really important things that I think yall would like to see I will actually post to this blog, especially if I need help picking out colors or couches or something. The other one is a reference!

Also - today I am starting my pottery-wheel class at the local art studio! http://www.artscenterlive.org/index.php?a=ArtSchool&b=About

It is in this cute area where we live, called Carrboro. My friend Kim and I are going to make little things on wheels...I am planning a few bud vases for my rooms! Yay to three months off of school and life and pre-residency!!

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