Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caps... what a shame

I've always liked hats.  I must think I look good in them or something.  Maybe it's subconscious, maybe not so much...

yes, this is my husband wearing a wig and eyeliner.  yes, we are standing in front of our old pirate mural.

Unfortunately, I don't wear them.  Well - a hat seems to be something that you really have to have confidence to pull off.  Because, when someone wears a hat/cap - unless it is the dead of winter and you are circled around the Dean Dome waiting to go into a basketball game - it is quite of an attention grabber.  Not that they don't look awesome, but is such an obvious accessory and people know you think it looks good.

I wish I still had some of the pictures of my best friend from home, Amelie, at the 6th grade dance in her black beret.... but, she'd probably kill me.

My college friends ceaselessly made fun of me because of my love of 'caps', and yet my insecurity in busting them out.  Whatever, we all busted them out when we had the chance:

I have yet to try to pull off any of these trendy caps:

But despite my continual cap-as-fashion insecurities, I now have a daily sanctioned use of hats.  anesthesiology.  So... eat it, Alana and Angela, I'm going to wear my hats now (yes, I have bought all of these below... and only in my 3rd week!) and I'll look damn good in them!


  1. Love the quatrefoil ones!!!!

  2. Haha - remember all of the GAP hats mom use to get us- I still have never worn them (sorry mom)

  3. I think you look damn good in them, too, Anne! You go!