Monday, July 26, 2010

a lonely summer....

Not really, I've had so much fun! 

But Jimmy is on night-float where he leaves for work at 6:45 PM (thankfully we live close!), and comes home somewhere between 10 AM and noon....  EVERY Monday-Thursday NIGHT!!!  Sunday is even worse, he goes in at 5 AM and doesn't come back until Monday at 10AM!  This is a 10-week long rotation, it started June 22nd and goes until Sept 1st!  That leaves a very tired Jimbo every Friday night and a very reserved Saturday evening, clouded by dread as the next week quickly approaches...

Needless to say, lots of lonely nights.  Sundays are the worst!  During the weekdays I try to have something very domestic and yummy for him waiting when his alarm goes off at 6PM, for the cherished 25 minutes we have together!
With the onset of crazy real work hours for me, I have found this 6 PM challenge of dinner more and more tiring... and last week I took my first trip to Super Suppers down the street in Vestavia Hills. 

Oh yes, that is me, buying about $100 worth of frozen mashed potatoes, chicken parm, and thaw-and-grill chimichanga flank steak!!!

But tonight I got home late, missed our "quality" time, and decided to eat leftover stale chips from Qdoba with a glass of $4.99 Rex Goliath pino (Yes, by myself - don't judge!)... PLEASE! someone step in!!!


  1. Sasha JenkinsJuly 28, 2010

    It is TOTALLY normal to drink wine alone...the earlier in the day the better!

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    You do NOT need an intervention! The only thing you might need would be encouragement to enjoy a second glass instead of just one. In your prettiest wedding present crystal wine glass!

    My solution to most off schedule, on-the-run dinner nights is tried and true Uncle Ben's microwave "Ready Rice" packets, 90 seconds in the m-wave and it's on the table. Best ones [to me] are Cajun and Roasted Garlic Whole Grain. Please Lord, pray this child's mother is not reading. Tuck some dark or light meat from a grocery store rotisserie chicken [or pork] beside the rice; open, drain and rinse a can of black or red beans and put on top of the rice, chop some onions over it all, celery sticks on the side for fresh crunch, and there it is.

    Not to be taken as a standard, but not too bad at mid-week.

    Bon appetite!


  3. Sounds fabulous! Any rice dish with beans is my favorite - Yummm!!