Monday, July 12, 2010

A Pepper Scare....

As all of you know, Piper and her sister and mother are celebredogs, otherwise known to Jimmy as DOG MODELS!

Fred and Kee, proud grandparents as they were, designed these wine bottles to send to the proud parents (aka, us Hlavaceks, Sasha, Laura/Paul, and grandparents-Hlavacek {jim and urs}).

{Dad loves to make fun wine bottles through Windsor Vineyard}

They will be on the cover of Orvis Dog Book this September!  The website finally announced these three ladies as well as the other three cover winners....  See below:

However.... LOOK CLOSELY (& sideways)!!!  OH NO!  DAMN Pepper!  Who would ever name their golden retriever "Pepper"??????

Phew... Sasha took care of it and it will be corrected for the REAL cover!!!  No worries!!  Also-  How ironic that "CR" is from Chapel Hill too!!!


  1. Yea I love the wine label!!! Glad Sasha was able to get it fixed!

  2. I love the wine label, too! Save me a sip so I can toast the "girls" when I come visit! Can't wait to see the catalog this fall.