Monday, August 25, 2008


I've been tapping into my creative side, (as you can see) - and now I think I'm a painter, apparently!! I am currently trying to make two huge pictures to flank my boring mantle. Evidently, I've already gone through this phase once before (notice the painting currently on the mantle). My current plan is to take the mirror that I am repainting that is on the right, and put it on top of the mantle. Then I am going to put up two really really big yellow paintings on either side!

Here are the paintings as of two weeks ago, displayed so beautifully in my parents' sunroom.

And here they are one week ago, with FIVE additional coats of paint on them, with apparently the same results!

So they are a bit of a better shade of yellow, I guess! The plan is to paint some cotton stalks on them, and hang them on either side of the mantle. Dad is planning on a stealthy reconnaissance mission in Boligee, stealing some real-life inspiration for the cotton! If you see a sneaky Fred one night in black clothes with big long shears, don't worry, he's just supporting my hobby!

Another painting objective: Paint some Beatrix Potter prints for Allison's new bebe! Here is an example of one I just did. Obviously, this is the one I used as inspiration. I used watercolor pencils to sketch it ahead of time, then just add water and voila! It becomes a watercolor painting without needing the foresight of regular watercolor!

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  1. i need pictures of the outside of your hacienda!!