Thursday, August 7, 2008


guess what
I think i finally managed to get control over the most dreaded part of this whole wedding business - the guest list!! it only took me 9 months and 24 hours (all day today) to do; sounds kindof like pregnancy and labor!

I just want everyone reading (all two of you, mom and cover) to know something about one of my favorite people, Joshua, from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!
So this guy makes me tear every time I watch him, and he is the last person on earth you would have guessed would do that!! He is so good that I voted for him 16 times last night after the show ended! (I voted for my second favorite, Twitch, four times too). So keep your ears perked, the announcement of the winner comes on tonight on Fox. Anyone want to go watch their dance show on tour this fall with me??
And another update - I've given up on the semblence of height, and decided to go with flats for the wedding (no poking in the grass). Who would have known the drama that this would create, as we drove to B-ham to get the dress, and had to have it overnighted to a friend's house, and then despite our efforts, it never showed!! Long story short - I'm still getting married, which is all that Jimmy cares about!!


  1. where is your dress?!? did it show up!

  2. it did!! it's in my room now, and i only have to get it hemmed which is wonderful!!