Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hello. I've run away with another man!
Just kidding. This is my cousin Rick. He drove over from Fairhope Alabama the other day to show off his new Harley. That's one bad dude. He drove my mom around the bay too, Kee had a great time.

Despite my helmet hair, I was able to pull off a much more lady-like outfit than my biker getup later that night for my Pensacola shower. The week prior was Jimmy and I's engagement party at Seville Quarters in historic downtown Pensacola. I've included some pictures, courtesy of Allison and Virginia!!

Amelie, Kent, Christian, Whitney

Virginia and I

Myself and Allison (preggers!)

Fred, Ursula, Jimmy, Me, Jim, Kee, Cover

The new extended Fam

Me, Troupe, Cover

Christian, Jimmy, Michael

At the Irvins, with bushwackers!!

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  1. That is hilarious. Love the bike pic! Thanks for the invite, Anne!