Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Real Reason I've Started this Blog

So, my friend Allison is the reason I'm starting this blog - for those of you who openly wonder aloud, 'what in the world does Anne have to blog about?' (ahem, Laura). She was telling me about her nursery project, and we started talking about painting. And I told her about my recent projects redecorating Jimmy's house,
my soon-to-be home. Over the years he's lived there I've piece-by-piece taken his stuff out and replaced it with treasures I've brought in (hah, much to his dismay)!! She insisted seeing what I've done, and the easiest thing to do is put it online!!

Take the most prized feature of this house for example: the pirate room!!! Now I know that you are distracted by the fierceness of the folks out in front, but see the mural behind? What a cherished little treasure, for an 8-year-old boy....Though we had several happy memories as well as major idealizations of a pirate party... So I took Kanhka's suggestion, my friend from medical school, (now a doc), and hired some el cheapo painters from Greensboro, and voila!! Color: Raccon Hollow from Benjamin Moore (thanks to Mrs. Lemen, my mom's friend who is a decorator in Virginia).

So that wasn't the only room I painted. This is probably my favorite color: it is also from Benjamin Moore, called Wythe Blue. I am going to probably put it in our master bathroom too. This room is still pretty boring, as you can see in the picture. I have big plans to frame this cool print I found for the room, but it is going to cost $$$$ so I'm waiting till I am less poor!!

So, for now, this blog will serve as my outlet so people like Sasha don't have to continue taking tours of Jimmy's place so I can show you all the new stuff!!
Just a quick view of those mentioned in this post:

Julie Lemen


  1. was the room really painted pirate style or is was that a joke??

  2. oh boy it really was a pirate room!! wasn't it awesome?!?!

  3. absolutely. incredible.

  4. anne, this is AWESOME!
    p.s. love that blue color
    p.p.s. love LOVE that your mom has a blog too! haha